Openness in all its forms

The architectural concept of Obere Weidenstrasse 11 toys with the proximity to nature, and thus places a focus on garden and outdoor spaces.

Your own little world

Protected at the end of the quiet Obere Weidenstrasse, surrounded by unspoiled copses of trees in the original periphery of the Untergiesing district: here, 17 one to four-room apartments are being built.

OW11 in der Obere Weidenstraße 11 in München-Untergiesing/Au - bodentiefe Fenster und die offene Gestaltung des Wohnbereiches vermitteln ein modernes und helles Raumgefühl

A striking facade

The unusual geometry of the new building is accentuated even more by the edges of the facade which create an artistic contrast in terms of colour.

Outdoor space

Thanks to the porches on the ground level and the recessed attic level, the result is a three-storey structure that provides large outdoor spaces on every floor.

Das Projekt OW11 in der Oberen Weidenstraße 11 in München-Untergieseing/Au - Die Penhouse-Wohnung bietet großzügige Außenflächen

Project status

The new bulit project is sold
100 %. Completion is expected for summer 2015.