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Außenansicht des Neubaugeprojektes Van B in München Schwabing
Fakten zum Projekt
One building: Van B, Munich’s new architectural icon. Containing ten apartments: the Van B Editions. Ten one-of-a-kind homes, fitted by Germany’s best interior designers. Every apartment an outstanding living space. Everything truly exceptional.
Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing
Project conclusion
Ready for occupancy
External spaces
Interior construction
Above-ground construction
Civil engineering
Start of construction
Construction permit
Ausblick vom Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing

An overview of Van B Editions.

Neubaugebäude Van B in München Schwabing


  • Architect: Ben van Berkel / UNStudio
  • A dynamic facade: asymmetric projections and recesses
  • Contrasting materials: copper-coloured metal and smooth concrete
  • Inside-outside living: seamless indoor and outdoor spaces
Van B Edition Antonius Schimmelbusch

Living concept

  • 10 individually-furnished rooftop flats
  • 10 of Germany’s best interior designers
  • 10 private roof terraces including furnishings
  • Curated fittings including a bespoke designer kitchen
Co-Living-space des Neubaugebäudes Van B

Added values

  • A roof garden with a 360º panorama from the Olympic Tower to the Alps
  • Inner courtyard with fitness and rest zones
  • Co-living space
  • Parcel box system
  • Car-/e-bike-sharing, e-charging points, bike repair spaces
Olympiapark und Olympiaturm


  • At the heart of an avenue of plane trees
  • In the Creative Quarter - the new neighbourhood of the future
  • A culinary blend with restaurants, cafés and bars
  • Culture and trendy scene in the Kunstareal Maxvorstadt
  • Recreation in the Olympic and Luitpold parks


Van B Editions by AD & Bauwerk.

Fassadenansicht des Neubaugebäudes Van B in München Schwabing

Ten studios, ten one-of-a-kind homes

Van B, Munich’s new architectural landmark in a vibrant urban milieu in upscale Schwabing. Designed by star architect Ben van Berkel. A building predestined like no other for a completely new, unprecedented collaboration: Van B Editions by AD & Bauwerk. Ten apartments, exclusively shaped by ten of Germany’s leading interior designers. Curated by AD Architectural Digest, the leading magazine in the field of interior design, style, design, art and architecture. The result: ten unrivalled one-of-a-kind homes.



Van B Editions by AD & Bauwerk.

The Uniquenessof the Unique

Every apartment an exceptional living space

Ten rooftop flats with bright, open rooms and private roof terraces are the true centrepieces of Van B. Their individual fittings and design are the painstaking work of ten design studios. Internationally renowned, supremely talented and visionary in their creativity, they are the crème de la crème in their field. Their concepts imbue each apartment with a unique character. Each apartment is a style-defining one-off – the Van B Editions. Created for people in search of something truly unique.

Van B Edition Patrick Batek
Van B Edition Holzrausch

Curated amenities for the most discerning tastes

Renowned partners such as Dornbracht, Gaggenau and J*GAST complement each of these one-of-a-kind apartments. Individually conceived, designed and built for each apartment, J*GAST’s kitchens are the one-of-a-kind feature of each one-of-a-kind apartment. Products by Dornbracht and Gaggenau refine each individual interior concept with a luxury aesthetic, premium materials and enduring functionality. Design right down to the smallest detail.

Namhafter Partner bei den Van B Editions: J*GAST
Namhafter Partner bei den Van B Editions: Gaggenau
Namhafter Partner bei den Van B Editions: Dornbracht

Fixtures and fittings

Style on every level.

The Van B Editions are at once an exclusive living space and authentic design and architectural masterpieces. 

Leading names from the furnishings industry, upscale vintage objects and individually-designed bespoke pieces create a unique ambience in each apartment. Fabrics, tiles, wood, brass, stone – each edition offers a distinctive ambience from the interior right up to the private roof terrace with a panoramic view over the whole of Munich. 

Van B Edition Robert Stephan
Van B Edition Regina Hoefter
Van B Edition Fabian Freytag
Van B Edition Stephan Zenker
Van B Edition Holzrausch: Dachtererasse

Beautiful to the touch

Stylish materials, a sophisticated feel, smart functionality. The amenities of the Van B Editions are setting new standards. Select products from renowned manufacturers – from floor coverings, wall paints and fittings to the smart home pre-equipment – create skilful compositions of the very highest quality. Impressive, well-designed and sensitive.

Van B Edition Stephanie Thatenhorst
Van B Edition Gisbert Göppler
Contemporary and yet timeless

Each Van B Edition apartment has an individual kitchen designed by J*GAST, winner of a prestigious 2023 Red Dot Design Award. Working in creative partnership with the design studios, the holistic interior concept is perfect in design, form and feel. Materials are key here. Sophisticated, pure, exceeding all standards as well as sustainable. This is how precisely manufactured custom-made items for today and tomorrow are developed.

Consummate INterior Design

The design studios.
From conception to exclusive living experience: The ten interior design studios are as individual as their creative layout. They are all defined by a passion for creation, design and functionality. Living becomes experience. Space becomes inspiration.

Antonius Schimmelbusch Edition

Because they had always been fascinated by the intense effect that spaces have on people, Melissa Antonius and Lena Schimmelbusch founded the Antonius Schimmelbusch Interior Design studio. Classic craftsmanship, design items from the sixties to the noughties, contemporary pieces by newcomers and established, personal works – these are the ingredients for their very personal take on contemporary design. Their “City Hayloft” concept for the Antonius Schimmelbusch Van B Edition is convincing in every aspect – approx. 73 m² with muted red and blue hues, select fabrics and linen and leather, wood and stone. Bespoke wardrobes and cabinets alternate with striking individual pieces.


Van Edition by Antonios Schimmelbusch

Fabian Freytag Edition 

Fabian Freytag is a master of staging. He expertly combines his own designs with classics by other designers, imbuing his interiors with glamour with mirrors, lighting effects and patterns. Freytag counts among Germany’s most important and creative designers – there is also always space for humour and the potential for a really good party to begin. “Pied-a-terre pour le plaisir” – is how he describes the concept for his Van B Edition. He has designed the approx. 52 m² with tranquil earthy hues and strong contrasts in orange and green. The kitchen’s worktop combines these colours in a terrazzo effect. Floors, walls, ceilings – Freytag brings his own inimitable touch to all surfaces. The ultimate in pleasurable living.


Van Edition by Fabian Freytag

Gisbert Pöppler Edition 

Gisbert Pöppler’s project portfolio includes classic tasteful minimalists interiors with a Scandinavian influence executed to a supreme standard. For many years this qualified architect was primarily known for his delicate use of colours. In addition to architecture solutions, he also works on extravagant designs for his ever-expanding furniture line. Gisbert Pöppler can always be relied on for a creative surprise. Which he has certainly delivered with the design for his Van B edition, or the “Honey Suite” – the name he has given to his 79 m² retreat. The furnishings are exclusively handcrafted in independent workshops in Germany and France. Fabrics in natural hues, combined with oak, correspond with markedly subdued colours on the walls.


Van B Edition by Gisbert Pöppler

Holzrausch Edition 

Holzrausch – the name contains many of the convictions that distinguish Sven Petzold, Tobias Petri and the entire Holzrausch team. Custom, aesthetic characteristics and the charm of the natural material wood play a central role in all designs. Wood, which fills a room from the floor to the ceiling; wood combines with concrete in order to savour the aura of strong contrasts. A stage for a material whose vitality is matched by few others. A play with contrasts is the concept for the Holzrausch Edition. Over around 170 m² an exquisite balance is struck between form, colour and material. Naturally wood, but also brass, natural stone, strong earth tones and individually designed and produced furnishings and lights create organic vivacity and strong form.


Van B Edition by Holzrausch

Nora Witzigmann Edition 

Nora Witzigmann represents a style that is “free from coercion”. Her room designs always have a playful element, with sufficient scope for pleasant, witty surprises. The transgression of space and time is a good characterization of Witzigmann’s work: space is transcended, past, present and future merge into a new whole. The Nora Witzigmann Edition illustrates in a skilful and inspiring fashion how subtle yet strong colours, premium-quality fabrics and select patterns can interplay with precisely-crafted furniture design. A wonderfully pleasant atmosphere imbueing around 48 m².


Van B Edition by Nora Witzigmann

Patrick Batek Edition 

Patrick Batek regards diversity not as a necessity but as a principle. First comes the task, then a feeling for how he can approach it. And only then does he develop the design ideas that encapsulate everything. For the architect the aim is not to fulfill himself but to “create a beautiful and worthwhile experience for other people”. And this happens each time anew, as is the case with the Patrick Batek Van B Edition. The design concept for the approx. 71 m² apartment is a harmonious composition of warm materials, cream-coloured walls and whitewashed oak flooring. Classic construction materials with premium-quality surfaces are significant design elements. Fittings form a flowing space to the facade of Van B.


Van B Edition by Patrick Batek

Regina Hoefter Edition

Regina Hoefter likes to view her interiors as “sensual atmospheric pictures”. They are full of contrasts and surprising details that form a fresh coherent unity. Vintage pieces and self-designed ensembles, custom-made items and lucky finds from the art trade and antique shops go harmoniously together, without one of these elements seeking too much of the limelight. The dialogue between contrasts and the creation of tensions – these are the guiding ideas that also shape the Van B Edition. Hoefter skilfully stages a variety of materials. Wood, stone and fabrics with natural colours are woven into a whole on around 100 m². Organic shapes meet rectilinear elements. Striking masterpieces combine with elegantly-proportioned, sophisticated pieces. The sensual atmosphere can be seen and felt


Van B Edition by Regina Hoefter

Robert Stephan Edition 

Robert Stephan can draw on his well-established talents in vintage design for his interior layouts. He knows that good design has a great deal in common with a shy animal: it isn’t comfortable in every neighbourhood. And simply combining the best pieces can swiftly end in a style disaster. Furnishing a room discretely with vintage design to exciting effect requires sensitivity and intuition. And Robert Stephan has both in spades. For his approx. 96 m² Van B Edition Stephan creates a sophisticated world of contrast from cream and black hues and round and asymmetrical shapes. He combines paper, wood, fabrics and rattan in a balanced interplay.


Van B Edition by Robert Stephan

Sebastian Zenker Edition 

Casualness and glamour: Sebastian Zenker has a weakness for the design classics of the 1960s. And he always seeks to “transport part of this era into the present” in his designs. But naturally without having a “retro or museum-like” effect. Clear lines, strong colours and the power that can unlock aesthetic contrasts are among his signatures. In the design of his Van B Edition Zenker was also guided by a supreme sense of style and the quest for perfection. Deep blue, olive green, matt black and dark wood are broken through by neon yellow elements and black-and-white patterns. Each item of furniture stands out with its unique form language. On around 58 m² he creates an interior world that simply has to be discovered.


Van B Edition by Sebastian Zenker

Stephanie Thatenhorst Edition

The architect Stephanie Thatenhorst would like to invite people “to make more time for themselves” in order to discover their own creativity. In her interiors the stylistic breadth ranges from complex, almost zen-buddhist simplicity to vibrant neo pop. But for all of the diversity of her work, one aspect remains constant: Thatenhorst creates atmospheres so dense and distinctive that they envelop one like an aura. Or like a daydream. The approx. 71 m² Stephanie Thatenhorst Edition is a unique fantasy of living with a creative blend of materials: fabrics and tiles cover walls and floors, wood clads furniture and walls, and stone and glass is found on numerous surfaces. The warm colour spectrum with earthy tones interacts with organic shapes and extravagant designs.


Van B Edition by Stephanie Thatenhorst
Co-Living Space im Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing
Co-Living im Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing
Co-Living im Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing
Dachterrasse im Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing
innenhof im Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing
Tiefgarage im Neubauprojekt Van B in München Schwabing


The Van B Editions offer privacy at its most exclusive. With its holistic living concept, Van B also convinces with its forward-thinking services and added values that leave nothing to be desired.


Ten apartments, ten one-of-a-kind homes. Up at the top. On the panorama level, on the top floor of Van B. It´s uninterrupted views. The private roof terrace with a 360º view of Munich can be directly accessed in seconds from each Edition. 
Van B Editions.

Each buyer can purchase one Edition apartment.



The sale prices indicated are fixed prices including designer fittings, furnishings and kitchen, excluding parking spaces. Sale prices valid until 30.06.2024. Each buyer can purchase one Edition apartment. A restriction on sale applies for multiple purchases. Commission-free for the buyer.




Diverse Druckunterlagen zur Vermartung des Neubaugebäudes Van B
Rental and resale

If you would like to let or sell your property after purchase, we support you with an extensive service package. We will prepare your property professionally and at short notice for letting, as we still know it very well from the development and marketing phase. Better than any estate agent ever could. 


And for a sale, we prepare a professional valuation, provide high-quality marketing documents and present you with a large number of pencilled in prospective buyers. A defined contact is available to you for the entire process.

Underground parking spaces can be purchased:


  • Individual parking space: 69,000 €
  • Motorcycle parking space: 24,900 €
  • Energy certificate type: Energy performance certificate EA-B
  • Heating type / energy source: District heating
  • Year of construction: 2023
  • Energy requirement value: 62,2 kWh / (m² a)

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prevail. The details and representations on this website are not connected with any amendments or additions to contractual agreements. The details and representations on this website do not represent any statements concerning properties or any guarantee declarations.

Only the details in the notarial purchase agreement and in the building specifications and certified plans and floor plans attached to said agreement shall be authoritative for the nominal condition of any contractual services to be provided and for the fittings and finishes of the individually held and common property which are owed.


In particular, any contractual services to be provided may deviate from the details and representations on this website with regard to technical details such as living spaces or room heights. Images, floor plans and visualisations on this website are merely interpretations of the visualiser and represent only an idealised depiction of the underlying externally discernible properties of the planned buildings and outdoor areas. Consequently, where images, floor plans or visualisations show fittings of the individually held or common property, these serve solely to provide a sample, idealised depiction and shall not form part of the developer’s scope of performance, unless otherwise expressly agreed in the notarial purchase agreement and in the building specifications attached thereto.

In particular, any furnishings/installations (e.g. kitchens) depicted do not belong to the developer’s scope of performance.

Depictions of outside areas do not form part of the developer’s scope of performance. In particular, the depictions of planting (in terms of number, position, type and size and the associated light and shade relationships) are not binding.


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Urban living all around. 360º.

Built on a square, surrounded by three neighborhoods: Schwabing, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Maxvorstadt. Van B takes advantage of the best. The relaxed quality of life in Schwabing. The bourgeois looseness of Neuhausen. The trendy lifestyle of Maxvorstadt. And all of this in the middle of greenery.
Van B Editions
Infanteriestraße 14, 80797 München

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In Themiddle of The Boom
Straße im Stadtteil Schwabing in München
Olympiaturm in München
Restaurants  & Bars in München
Kreativquartier München
Creative quarter

Van B is not the only example of what becomes possible when potential meets creativity. In the immediate vicinity, a role model for Munich’s future is being created in terms of urban development: the “Kreativquartier”. A 20-hectare area that will become the city's new pioneering centre with a mix of living, knowledge, creation, culture, start-ups, tech scene and nature.


Another neighbouring site feature: the Lothstrasse campus - Munich's largest university of applied sciences location with almost 14,000 students. A location for education, further development and advancement.

Hutong Club in München
Restaurants, cafés, bars

Trendy restaurant or beer garden? Sushi or Obazda cream cheese? Highball or beer? Nowhere else will culinary aficionados find such variety as they will around Van B. Its mix of hip design locations and original traditional houses also creates a dynamic contrast and is quite simply fun.

Trachtengeschäft von Innen in München
Shopping, strolling

Select boutiques, concept stores and shops line Hohenzollernstrasse, Schwabing's first shopping mile. Fresh produce and special delicacies are on offer at the Elisabethmarkt and, from 2024, two rooftop terraces from where you can watch the hustle and bustle of the market.

Allee im Olympiapark in München
Nature, recreation, activity

The Olympic Park - the epitome of local recreation, full of sporting opportunities and even more nature. Luitpoldpark with its neo-baroque Bamberger Haus is somewhat more stately. Nymphenburg Palace Garden and its river channel is an oasis in town. With lots of water, greenery and deers.  

Litfasssäule des Kinos Cinema in München
Culture, art, szene

Art galleries, the Brandhorst Collection, the Architecture Museum - the Art District in Maxvorstadt is only a few minutes away by bike. A Mecca for friends of the visual arts. Lovers of the cinematic arts delight in the numerous cinemas around Van B. Theatres, galleries and pop-up events complete the bustling scene. 

Van B Lagekarte
Mobility and accessibility

All public transport from underground, tram and bus can be found around Van B in a few minutes. Flights and trains are thus quickly accessible.


Those who want to be even more independent, even more mobile, can start directly from the underground car park with the car and e-bike sharing offers.


Destinations in Schwabing, Maxvorstadt and Neuhausen are within easy reach. The direct passage to the city centre will be even better with the planned bicycle and pedestrian route from the creative quarter. 

Private Dachterrasse  eines Superior Flats im Neubauprojekt Van B mit Blick auf Olympiaturm



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