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Außenfassade des Neubauprojekts Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Project facts
In the authentic St. Vinzenz neighbourhood of Neuhausen the first timber-hybrid ensemble in the inner city surroundings of Munich is taking shape. This means VINZENT is at once a pioneer for sustainability in the urban environment and a statement for futuristic living and working.
Bürogebäude des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Project conclusion
Ready for occupancy expected beginning 2024
External spaces
Interior construction
Above-ground construction 
Civil engineering 
Start of construction
Construction permit
Garten einer Eigentumswohnung des Neubauprojekts VINZENT in München Neuhausen
Fassade des Neubauprojekts VINZENT in München Neuhausen

VINZENT at a glance.

Vordergebäude des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen


  • First wood-hybrid ensemble in inner-city Munich
  • Colored wooden facades with innovative planting system
  • Front building for office and living, as well as residential courtyard house
Eigentumswohnung im Neubauprojekt Vinzent in München Neuhausen

Living concept

  • 56 apartments, duplexes, penthouses
  • Balconies, terraces, roof terraces and gardens
  • Sustainable design fixtures and fittings, underground parking spaces with e-charging station
Innenhof des Neubaugs Vinzent in der Rupprechtstraße

Added values

  • Inner courtyard garden with active and rest zones
  • Parcel box system
  • Car and bike sharing with e-charging stations
  • Washing and repair station for bicycles
Innenhof des Neubaugs Vinzent in der Rupprechtstraße


  • Authentic St.-Vinzenz quarter
  • Diverse gastronomic and cultural scene  
  • Urban green
  • Innovative entrepreneurial spirit


The new avant-garde for living. 

Außenfassade des Neubauprojekts Vinzent in München Neuhausen

A pioneer in the urban environment.  

VINZENT shows a strong forward-thinking attitude. Situated in the authentic St. Vinzenz neighbourhood, the progressive concept blends into a history-steeped atmosphere. As the first timber-hybrid ensemble with residential and office buildings in inner-city Munich, it will be a neighbourhood-shaping milestone and a pioneer for the experiential avant-garde in the urban environment.

Style defining ensemble

The front building along the quiet Gabrielenstrasse and the courtyard house offer diverse living space. Additional living value is created by green balconies, terraces, roof gardens and roof terraces. The office building adjoins the front building. The green inner courtyard is an attractive link, serving as a meeting place and a haven of peace. 


New stage of development of an exemplary architecture

VINZENT relies on wood as a climate-friendly building material. Specifically: spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany and Austria. Stylishly used on the facade with elegant design details. Ecologically efficient of impressive size:  


  • Wood is a renewable raw material
  • Wood permanently binds CO₂, at VINZENT: approx. 800 tons
  • The high degree of prefabrication of wood shortens construction time


Fassade des Neubauprojekts VINZENT in München Neuhausen
Natural greening of the next generation

The intelligent, self-sustaining planting system on VINZENT facades also makes its mark. Visually: with its floating construction technology. And ecologically: it reduces water consumption, effectively supports biodiversity and positively influences the microclimate. 

Reduced water consumption

Due to its intelligent design, the planting system requires up to 80% less water than conventional greening methods.

Efficient cooling effect

Green facades act like a cooling skin through natural evaporation processes. The lowered building temperature relieves air conditioning systems and saves energy.

Sustainable air purification

Thanks to its CO₂-binding and filtering properties, greening buildings makes an effective contribution to climate protection and air quality.

100m² more green space

The intelligently designed special culture containers of the planting system enable a significantly extended greening in the new building ensemble.

„In my opinion, you need projects like this. As a role model, as a pioneering approach.“

Futurologist Tristan Horx 

every day

VINZENT embodies a plus in comfort. For every day. Part of this is a future-proof e-mobility concept that offers a wide range of options. The green inner courtyard creates a completely different added value: nature, tranquility and deceleration. 

Fixtures and fittings

A statement for design and sustainability.

VINZENT is visually impressive, haptically stimulating and conceptually convincing. In form, function and colour. The combination of authentic materials with smart technologies results in a harmonious overall impression. 

All of the apartments convince through their inviting aura and an aesthetic of clear lines. The particular strength lies in the interplay of sustainable prestige and a tangible flair for details. A feeling of home with appreciable quality. An experiential statement as individual space for free development.


VINZENT thinks holistically. The selection of details is not based on design criteria alone. Rather there is a focus on enduring quality which is achieved in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner. Wherever it is possible and reasonable to do so, locally-sourced and recyclable fittings are used.


The green living concept is taken into the future through the integration of smart technologies. From the apartments to sustainable mobility facilities – VINZENT shows that environment-friendliness is also fostered through the use of intelligent technology. Examples are the smart home concept in every apartment and e-charging stations in every parking space.

Badezimmer einer Eigentumswohnung der Neubau-Immobilie Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Badezimmer einer Eigentumswohnung der Neubau-Immobilie Vinzent in München Neuhausen




  • Underfloor heating
  • Towel heater white
  • By Zehnder, Subway model

Flooring living rooms
  • Real wood parquet
  • Oak
  • Ship floor association
  • By Gira
  • Colour pure white

Smart Home
  • KNX bus system
  • Incl. multifunction display


Wall tiles


  • By Royal Mosa
  • Porcelain stoneware tile
  • Finely textured surface
  • Colour white


Wall tiles shower


  • By Royal Mosa
  • Glossy surface with relief
  • Colour white



  • By FSB
  • Colour black




  • By Duravit, ME model by Starck
  • Rimless flush
  • WC seat with soft close
  • Sanitary ceramic surface white




  • By Duravit, “Vero” model
  • Sanitary ceramic surface white
  • Wall mirror


Washbasin fittings


  • By Keuco, IXMO Collection
  • Colour black


Shower fitting


  • By Keuco, IXMO Collection
  • Colour black
Penthouse des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Eigentumswohnung des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Wohnzimmer in einer Eigentumswohnung des Neubauprojektes VINZENT in München-Neuhausen
Apartment des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Schlafzimmer des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Apartment des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
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Dachterrasse eines Penthouses im Neubauprojekt VINZENT in München Neuhausen


VINZENT lives from its expansive atmosphere. A well thought-out mix of apartments creates versatile possibilities.


  • Courtyard house and front building
  • Raised ground floor- top floor
  • 1 - 4 rooms
  • Approx. 35 - 120 m²
  • Balconies, terraces


  • Front building
  • First floor - second floor; fourth floor - top floor
  • 3 - 4 rooms
  • Approx. 80 - 123 m²
  • Partially balconies, roof terraces

Garten maisonettes

  • Courtyard house
  • Ground floor - first basement
  • 2 - 4 rooms
  • Approx. 45 - 136 m²
  • Own entrance, terrace


  • Courtyard house
  • Top floor
  • 3 rooms
  • Approx. 196-201 m²
  • Balconies, roof terraces, roof garden
Apartments, duplexes and penthouses.

We are happy to present the entire offer to you in a personal meeting.



Purchase prices excluding parking spaces. Purchase prices valid until 31.12.2023. Free of commission for the buyer. Sold apartments are not shown.



Diverse Druckunterlagen zur Vermartung des Neubaugebäudes Vinzent
Rental and resale

If you would like to let or sell your property after purchase, we support you with an extensive service package. We will prepare your property professionally and at short notice for letting, as we still know it very well from the development and marketing phase. Better than any estate agent ever could. 


And for a sale, we prepare a professional valuation, provide high-quality marketing documents and present you with a large number of pencilled in prospective buyers. A defined contact is available to you for the entire process.

Underground parking spaces can be purchased:


  • Individual parking space: 59.000 €
  • Energy certificate type: Energy performance certificate EA-B
  • Heating type / energy source: District heating 
  • Year of construction: 2021
  • Energy requirement value frontal building: 63,1 kWh / (m² a)
  • Energy requirement value courtyard house: 71,2 kWh / (m² a)

The details and representations on this website do not represent a sales offer. They are provided solely for advertising and information purposes. Although all details and representations on this website have been checked and collated with the utmost care, they may change at any time.


Since we wish to avoid misconceptions on the part of our customers in connection with the details and representations on this website, please note the following:


Any contractual building services to be provided may deviate from the details and representations on this website. In such case, the contractual agreements shall always prevail. The details and representations on this website are not connected with any amendments or additions to contractual agreements. The details and representations on this website do not represent any statements concerning properties or any guarantee declarations. Only the details in the notarial purchase agreement and in the building specifications and certified plans and floor plans attached to said agreement shall be authoritative for the nominal condition of any contractual services to be provided and for the fittings and finishes of the individually held and common property which are owed.


In particular, any contractual services to be provided may deviate from the details and representations on this website with regard to technical details such as living spaces or room heights. Images, floor plans and visualisations on this website are merely interpretations of the visualiser and represent only an idealised depiction of the underlying externally discernible properties of the planned buildings and outdoor areas. Consequently, where images, floor plans or visualisations show fittings of the individually held or common property, these serve solely to provide a sample, idealised depiction and shall not form part of the developer’s scope of performance, unless otherwise expressly agreed in the notarial purchase agreement and in the building specifications attached thereto. In particular, any furnishings/installations (e.g. kitchens) depicted do not belong to the developer's scope of performance. Depictions of outside areas do not form part of the developer’s scope of performance. In particular, the depictions of planting (in terms of number, position, type and size and the associated light and shade relationships) are not binding.


Neither Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG, the companies with which it is affiliated, nor their partners and other vicarious agents shall assume any liability for the details and representations on this website. Liability for malice, intent and gross negligence as well as for injury to life, limb and health shall remain unaffected.


A powerful location, an authentic character. 

The St. Vinzenz neighbourhood is local and urban. Its original Munich flair and energetic aura imbue this liveable neighbourhood in Neuhausen with its cosmopolitan character.
Rupprechtstrasse 22
80636 München

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Blumengeschäft in München - Neuhausen
Straße im Stadtteil Neuhausen in München
Baumkronen mit Sonneneinstrahlung in Schwarz/weiß
Kunstareal in München
Cafe im St.-Vinzenz-Viertel in München
St. Vinzenz neighbourhood

The St. Vinzenz neighbourhood is friendly and sophisticated – at once personal and vibrant. Living here provides the opportunity to enjoy what a major city has to offer in a relaxed ambience. Traditional craftsmanship is every bit as at home here as the entrepreneurial spirit of renowned global players.

Stoffbahnen einer Schneiderei in MÜnchen Neuhausen
“Artisan” tradition 

From bakers and florists to glaziers and goldsmiths: Passion and expertise are the calling cards of the numerous artisan shops in the St. Vinzenz neighbourhood. It is a place where the spirit of independence is strong and people work with their hands. Makers are hard at work and enrich the neighbourhood with their talents.

Cafe im St.-Vinzenz-Viertel in München
A creative gastro scene

From sophisticated cafés to the upscale food market: A creative, avant-garde scene shapes the modern face of this friendly neighbourhood. There is also an abundance of ambitious fine dining locations and hip restaurants and bars. The common denominator is the desire for quality and local pleasure, so indigenous products are to be found on menus everywhere.

Theater im St.-Vinzenz-Viertel in München
Varied culture

The cultural offering in the area is also diverse: from theatres to art house cinemas and legends such as Circus Krone. It is a place where the creative influences are felt anew each day. Artists love to live in this inspiring urban environment and showcase their creative skills in studios and galleries.

Kanal im Nymphenburger Schlosspark
Urban greenspace

Probably the most diverse garden in Munich is the Botanical Garden. Together with Nymphenburg Palace Garden and the Deer Garden it offers an abundance of nature. All three parks can be reached quickly from VINZENT. Popular spots in the immediate vicinity include Arnulf Park with its architectural highlights and Hacker Bridge, which is the place to be at sunset.

Bürogebäude im Arnulfpark in München
An innovative spirit of enterprise

From start-ups to global players: Between the famous Nymphenburger Straße and trendy Arnulf Park are a wide variety of international companies. Tech giants such as Google and Apple and innovative start-ups have discovered this location and are making long-term investments in the Isar Valley. And creatives such as architects and agencies are also well represented.

Lagekarte mit den Stadtteilen Neuhausen und Nymphenburg
Mobility and accessibility

All forms of public transport – underground, trams and buses – can be found in a matter of minutes around VINZENT. This means the airport and train stations are within easy reach. Anyone who wants to be more independent and mobile can depart directly from the underground car park in a shared car or on an e-bike.

Building site

Current project status.

VINZENT is growing: Above-ground construction has started.

Baustellenbild des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Baustelle des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Baustelle des Neubauprojektes Vinzent in München Neuhausen
Provate Dachterrasse eines Penthouses im Neubauprojekt Van B mit Blick auf Olympiaturm


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