The future
lives here.

Home plus neighbourhood

of the future

kupa creates a home for its residents which will also be a delight tomorrow. A place of visionary diversity, which enables its residents to enjoy a superb lifestyle with iconic architecture as the cornerstone. A source of inspiration for Pasing and Munich as a whole.

Das exklusive Neubauprojekt kupa ist ein innovatives Quartier mit der historischen Kuvertfabrik in Pasing

Historical heritage
meets the future

The heart of the neighbourhood is the listed envelope factory built in 1906. Up to one million envelopes were once manufactured on this site daily and it was also here that the window envelope was invented. Painstakingly renovated, it will soon be offering abundant space for contemporary working.

Neubauprojekt kupa Quartier Kuvertfabrik Pasing Historisches Denkmal

A place of diversity

In green outside works around the historical envelope factory five residential buildings with 175 apartments and exceptional communal areas are taking shape as a future-oriented counterpoint. In this way the kupa neighbourhood strikes a balance between communal open spaces and the sanctuary of the resident’s own four walls.

One central monument. Open space everywhere.

The impressive focal point of the neighbourhood is the envelope factory with kupa Square as the centre. Large open spaces extend from here, and at the western neighbourhood entrance starts the public promenade which links the neighbourhood with the centre of the city district of Pasing.

New-build project kupa neighbourhood Kuvertfabrik Pasing

Iconic architecture

The kupa neighbourhood is multifaceted. The architectural design of the award-winning international architectural firm Allmann Sattler Wappner creates inspiring contrasts between tradition and modernity.

Distinctive profile

The facades vary in character. Towards the centre of the neighbourhood they create a sense of tranquillity and feature large balconies. The bay window motif developed for the city-facing facades lends the architecture its unique sculptural character.

Neubauprojekt kupa Quartier Kuvertfabrik Pasing ikonische Architektur mit Kanten
New-build project kupa neighbourhood Kuvertfabrik Pasing Architects

More open space

The large open works designed by landscape architects create even more space in the neighbourhood with abundant greenery and high recreational value. And this even goes for the roofs, which are lush green oases in the everyday urban setting.

Neubauprojekt kupa Quartier Kuvertfabrik Pasing - viele Freiflächen, viel Grün
New-build project kupa neighbourhood Kuvertfabrik Pasing Landscape Architects

Project status

The completion of the building shell is planned for Autumn.