Timeless architecture

Stylish living. Lasting value.

The value of living

A total of 21 floors are spread over a height of 66 m. The cascade design of the prominent stepped terraces is an expressive eye-catcher and a statement of identity. Two base buildings with seven storeys each are arranged around a green inner courtyard and complete the ensemble. 

Homogeneous collective

The various heights of the building correspond subtly with the surrounding development and blend harmoniously into the surroundings. At the same time, the different levels create plasticity in the façade, which comes alive in the play of light and shade.

SOLID Home - Elegant integrieren sich die hohen, teils bodentiefen Panoramafenster in die Fassade und lassen viel Licht in die großzügigen Räume

Experience daily comfort

SOLID Home awaits you with a diverse range of amenities. A smart home system, controllable via a tablet or on the go via a smartphone, offers cutting-edge comfort. Car sharing as well as E-bikes complement the services of sustainable mobility found on the premises.

Representation and representative

In the lobby, you can enjoy a high quality of living in a pleasant atmosphere with attentive service. The residents can lounge at the fireplace. Unmissable behind the desk: the concierge is the first contact person for residents. They take care of everyday concerns and are available on site as well as online. The parcel and post box system make living in SOLID Home more comforable.

SOLID Home Neubau mit hochwertigen Eigentumswohnungen und einem representativen Eingangsbereich mit Lobby

Phenomenal views

Fascinating visual axes as well as attractive loggias and terraces are characteristic attributes which define the types of apartments in almost every SOLID Home. Since the building is higher than the surrounding buildings, nothing stands in the way of a breathtaking panorama of the Taunus mountain range or the Frankfurt skyline.

Refuge in the open air

The inner courtyard is a precious and small oasis, designed by landscape architects. Besides its own, private open space, it offers all residents a tranquil, atmospheric place to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Der von Landschaftsarchitekten gestaltete Innenhof im Neubauprojekt SOLID Home bietet den Bewohnen eine wertvolle Oase unter freiem Himmel.

Living beyond the zeitgeist

The premium quality of the building manifests on many levels – both inside and out. For quality of living that outlives passing fashions and becomes enriched over time. Starting every day anew.

Individual home

Openness, spaciousness and smart room planning offer a great deal of freedom for individual living ideas. The apartments are designed not only in a way that requires contemporary function and aesthetics to be taken into account but also offers real added value. They are all retreats with unmistakeable presence.

Die Wohnbereiche des Neubauprojekts SOLID Home sind durch eine intelligente Raumplanung geprägt, sodass die Wohnküchen viel Freiheit für individuelle Wohnideen bieten.


Baufeld 26 Nord Projektgesellschaft mbH

A strong partnership for SOLID Home 

The project SOLID Home is a joint project of Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG and Red Square GmbH.

This partnership combines long-standing experience in realising property projects with a common understanding to form added value.

The endeavour of SOLID Home is to create properties which offer quality and security for every buyer.

Bauwerk Capital is responsible for the project development, marketing and sales, and provides interested parties and buyers customer-orientated advice for all stages of acquisition.

Red Square takes responsibility for technical project management as well as for organisational support and the handling of the construction site.

Bauwerk Capital: verantwortlich für die Produktentwicklung, Marketing und den Vertrieb und leistet Interessten & Käufern eine kundenorientierte Beratung durch alle Erwerbsphasen.
Bauwerk Capital: verantwortlich für die Produktentwicklung, Marketing und den Vertrieb und leistet Interessten & Käufern eine kundenorientierte Beratung durch alle Erwerbsphasen.