A house like a luxury yacht

WAVE. Dynamic form. Uncompromising design. Fundamental character. And a unique waterside location.

Manifesto against conformity

Uncompromising in form and design, obsessive about aesthetics. Like a yacht, WAVE soars over the Spree. A waterside location to take your breath away and truly spectacular apartments. And the unmistakable handiwork of the star architects at GRAFT.

Architecture meets art: GRAFT

Berlin, Shanghai, Hollywood – with their three offices around the world, GRAFT’s renowned architects work on a global scale. GRAFT stands for futuristic architecture, avant-garde designs and outstanding form. Reliable, renowned, revered.

Die Fassaden des luxuriösen Neubauprojekts WAVE in Berlin, Stralauer Allee 13-14, haben eine dynamische Form, kompromisslose Designs und einen elementaren Charakter.

The inspirational Spree

WAVE. Two towers. Two waves. Architects inspired by the Spree. The association with the movement of the waves is not a coincidence but a conscious design choice. The façades offer as much exposure to the Spree as possible, including spectacular views of the river.

Contrasting architecture

The arched façades and curves give the exterior facing the waterfront its unique character. The cubic ledges and the square-fronted balconies on the other side provide contrast to that of the front. On the sides, the two highly contrasting façades merge together.

Das luxuriöse Neubauprojekt WAVE in Berlin in der Stralauer Alle 13-14 hat eine unwiderstehliche Wasserlage.

Live in superlatives

Considered minimalism meets sprawling opulence. Every apartment receives the same attention to detail, whether it’s a smart flat, a spacious apartment or an extravagant penthouse. The interior forms reflect the flowing design of the exterior architecture. The sense of space: stunning.

Die weitläufigen Wohnungen des exklusiven Neubauprojekts WAVE in Berlin sind geprägt von einem überwältigenden Raumgefühl und spektakulären Aussichten auf die Spree.

Every living space is exceptional

The space has been arranged with an emphasis on functionality and the divisions encourage an intuitive living experience. Areas for communication are provided alongside private spaces. The interior designs also meet the highest living standards.

Everything flows together

Facing the Spree, the building extends out onto a beautifully planted, plateau-like garden with winding paths, green lounges and the apartments’ own private gardens on the mezzanine level. A flowing typography, connecting spaces that belong together and separating those that need to be private.

In the skies over Berlin

The most spectacular direction: up. Sun decks, towering above everything else. A combination of private roof terraces and communal areas, offering panoramic views of both the waterfront and Berlin’s urban landscape, setting a scene that will take your breath away.

Das exklusive Neubauprojekt WAVE in Berlin in der Stralauer Allee 13-14 verfügt über einen hauseigen Bootssteg an der Spree.

Intelligent features

Living in WAVE means living with carefully conceived add-ons. A home system which you can control from home or on the move. A concierge service, available on site or virtually through our web system. A Paketbox parcel service for e-commerce. E-mobility and car-sharing options for long-term mobility. Very smart!

Status of the project

Ready for occupation

WAVE Waterside living berlin hat eine außergewöhnlichen Eingangsbereich mit Designausstattung