Trust in teamwork

Skills in a wide range of specialisms

Brand identity through solidarity

Our departments work closely with each other to ensure a strong brand identity and the high quality of our projects and customer relations, as well as customer loyalty and successful marketing.



Company management

Since the company was founded in 2002, the two managing partners Christoph Lemp and Jürgen Schorn have been leading the team, which consists exclusively of permanently-appointed staff.

Christina Weidner, Assistentin der Geschäftsführung bei Bauwerk Capital

Christina Weidner

Management Assistant


We continually assess the market opportunities of new projects and we attach great importance to research and trend monitoring. This enables us to develop new markets and successfully place innovative products.

Bauwerk Capital Produktmanagement Mitarbeiter - Alexander Sälzle

Alexander Sälzle

Head of project

Real Estate Economist (IREBS),
Member of the ByAK

Bauwerk Capital Produktmanagement Mitarbeiter - Christian Schulz

Christian Schulz MRICS

Head of project

Real Estate Economist (IREBS)

Michael Sittinger, Senior Produktmanager

Michael Sittinger

Head of project


Stephanie Hükelheim - Produktmanagerin bei Bauwerk Capital

Stephanie Hükelheim

Technical project management


Michaela Nägeli, Projektkauffrau bei Bauwerk Development.

Michaela Nägeli

Project Management

Business Administration (VWA),
Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Product Management

Our core mission is the design-oriented creation of high-quality housing projects. Our architectural language is a fundamental part of our success.

Bauwerk Capital Prokurist - Markus Bachmaier

Markus Bachmaier

Head of Product Management

Diploma in Communications (BAW)

Florian Kennerknecht: Projektmanager, Bauwerk Development GmbH

Florian Kennerknecht

Product Manager


Marketing Communication

We act as an internal advertising agency and are responsible for design and strategy. This means that we develop and implement all communication measures, as well as providing integrated brand management.

Bauwerk Capital Marketingt Mitarbeiter - Andreas Greis

Andreas Greis

Head of Marketing

Real Estate Economist (IREBS),
Diploma in Marketing (BAW),

Violetta Buzinnik, Marketing Managerin bei Bauwerk Capital.

Violetta Buzinnik

Marketing Manager

M.Sc. Marketing & Communication,
B.A. Betriebswirtschaft

Bauwerk Capital Marketingt Mitarbeiterin - Simone Griehl

Simone Griehl

Marketing Manager

Diploma in Business Administration (LMU)

Bauwerk Capital Marketingt Mitarbeiterin - Anja Keller

Anja Keller

Marketing Manager

B.A. Business Administration,
International Manager in Arts and Culture

Julia Wald Managerin Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit bei Bauwerk Capital

Julia Wald

Manager press and public relations

M.A. German / Romance studies

Saskia Wiedemann - PR und Marketing Managerin bei Bauwerk Capital

Saskia Wiedemann

Marketing Manager

B.A. Interactive Media

Customer Service

Our service-oriented and professional consultation for potential buyers is a key component in our success.

P  Vertriebskoordination - Lisa Klöckner

Lisa Klöckner

Head of Sales Coordination and Costumer Care

Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Christian Jäger, Kundenberater und Projektakquise bei Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG

Christian Jäger

Project acquisition
Customer Adviser

Certified Real-estate Agent,
Expert for property valuation

Olga Maar, Kundenberaterin bei Bauwerk Capital

Olga Maar

Customer Adviser

B.Sc. Real-estate Management

Bauwerk Capital Kundenberatung Mitarbeiterin - Stella Rados

Stella Rados

Customer Adviser


Florian Rieder: Kundenbetreuung

Florian Rieder

Customer Adviser

Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Daniel Russ, Kundenberater bei Bauwerk Capital

Daniel Russ

Customer Adviser

Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Maximilian Weber, Kundenberater bei Bauwerk Capital.

Maximilian Weber

Customer Adviser

Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Customer Advice

Our customers have a fixed contact person who guides them with expert advice from day one.

Laura Langer: Projektmanagerin (Vertrieb) bei Bauwerk Capital am Standort Frankfurt

Laura Langer

Project Manager

Immobilienmanagement (B.Eng.)

Mitarbeiterin Sarah Przybilla von Bauwerk Capital

Sarah Przybilla

Project Manager

Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Vera Philipp - Kundenbetreuung bei Bauwerk Capital

Vera Philipp

Project Manager

Real Estate Economist (IREBS),
Certified Real-estate Agent (CCI)

Desirée Konietzka: Teamassistenz bei Bauwerk Capital am Standort Frankfurt

Desirée Konietzka

Team Assistant

Anna Held, Mitarbeiterin bei Bauwerk Capital im Bereich Strategie und Qualitätsmanagement

Anna Held

Strategy und quality management

M.A., Diploma in Communications (BAW)


Our service-oriented interaction with customers and business partners and the smooth implementation of internal processes are both part of our company philosophy.

Sven Wenisch, Leitung Finanz- und Rechnungswesen bei Bauwerk Capital

Sven Wenisch

Head of Accounting and Finance

Certified Business Economist - Finance

Carolin Harth: Finanzbuchhalterin bei Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG

Carolin Harth

Accounting and Finance

Stefanie Haschke, Assistenz Finanz- und Rechnungswesen bei Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG

Stefanie Haschke

Accounting and Finance

Nicole Schmelzle: Mitarbeiterin im Bereich Finanzen und Rechnungswesen bei Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG

Nicole Schmelzle

Accounting and Finance

Bianca Schuller, Assistenz Office Management bei Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG

Bianca Schuller

Office Management Assistant

Media Designer (audio-visual)

Adriana Jungwirth, Assistenz Office Management bei Bauwerk Capital

Adriana Jungwirth

Office Management Assistant

Management Assistant for Office Communication