Living with a bird's eye view of the Olympic tower

Lush green and the gentle slopes of the Olympia park are juxtaposed with the vibrant buzz of Schwabing.

Utopia never made it off the drawing board, but the Ackermannbogen comes pretty close

The "Ackermannbogen" neighbourhood has grown up here, between the Olympia park and the well-known streets of Schwabing, over the last 10 years.

This diverse, urban neighbourhood, internationally recognised as a showcase project, is rounded off well by the new building on Petra-Kelly Strasse.

Petra-Kelly-Straße 01 in Schwabing - Umebung Olympiapark
Petra-Kelly-Straße 01 in Schwabing - Olympiaturm

A neighbourhood full of character

Over time, a lively microcosm has developed among the residents, neighbours and neighbourhood institutions, with its abundant offerings making it an enriching urban space.


Shopping facilities

A supermarket with a bakery on nearby Schwere-Reiter-Strasse will keep you supplied with groceries. There are also other retail shops in the neighbourhood, with more opening soon.

For more selection, there's the tempting array of shops to browse around in the nearby Hohernzollernstrasse, as well as the open-air delicatessens at Elisabethmarkt.



P01 Petra-Kelly-Straße 01 in München-Schwabing - Der Elisabethmarkt gehört zu den ständigen Märkten der Stadt München.
P01 Petra-Kelly-Straße 01 in München-Schwabing - zahlreichen Cafés, Bars und Restaurants befinden sich in unmittelbarer Umgebung


From cosy Italian trattorias to Michelin-starred restaurants: a multi-faceted culinary world awaits you close by the Ackermannbogen. Bars, cafés and market stalls provide an abundant and varied range of gastronomic treats.

Sport and leisure

There are a number of green spaces around the Ackermannbogen. The Olympiapark is directly nearby, the Luitpold park, which is still regarded as a local secret, will charm you with its gastronomy and the views from its hills.

Its extension to the south, the Bayernpark, has an adventure playground that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Numerous sporting facilities directly nearby, including the Nordbad and the Olympia swimming pool, provide an array of sporting activities.

Das Projekt P01 in der Pertra-Kelly-Straße 01 - der Olympiapark in unmittelbarer Umgebung bietet viele Erholungsmöglichkeiten
Das Projekt P01 in der Pertra-Kelly-Straße 01 - Olympiapark in unmittelbarer Umgebung


There is a range of schools and daycare centres, as well as medical care, in the direct vicinity of the neighbourhood.


Transport links  

The Line 12 and 27 trams and 53, 59 and 144 city buses stop at  Barbarastrasse and the Nordbad stop, just a few steps away from the building. The Hohenzollernplatz  U-Bahn can be reached via these lines or in approx. 10 minutes on foot.

The excellent transport links to the Mittlerer Ring provide quick access to the motorways.

Petra-Kelly-Straße 1
80797 Munich

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Petra-Kelly-Straße 1
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